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1 weeks leads for a UK partner in a competitive niche.

How are leads generated?

  1. Create a cutting-edge website for your niche that converts like crazy.
  2. Apply some bespoke techniques to get exposure to it.
  3. Prospects leave their info and the services they require.
  4. You contact them and convert them into customers.

How much does it cost?

  • It varies from niche to niche.
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Who am I?

My name is Alex 🙂

What's My Story?

A good few years ago, I was in sales doing some pretty high ticket financial items. I was the top in my office but realized that doing sales offline is a dying industry. So I changed direction.

I put together an international website to get leads and to my astonishment, it worked. I even got a sheik or two enquiring about £2 000 000 services (they have an army of advisers but the sheiks themselves still use Google!). The website was terribly ugly and didn’t rank that well…but it worked!

I immediately realized that I needed to focus in this online direction.

That was a long time ago and I was a rookie back then. I’ve honed my craft and I am now an expert at what I do. I have hundreds of sites in various niches all generating leads. I now need people to handle all the leads. Can you handle some more leads in your niche?

Common Questions

These are the most common questions we get!

It depends on the number of people looking for your service and the level of competition.

We review leads on a case by case basis. We won’t count bad leads against your lead balance. 

This means you only get valid leads. We’re always focusing on long-term partners and want to make sure everyone is happy!

Yes, please tell us the specifics on a Skype chat and we’ll get onto it!

It’s easy. We agree on a lead package and once we’ve received payment we’ll start sending you leads until we’ve delivered the amount of leads in the lead package. There’s no risk to you! If leads are invalid just let us know and we’ll send extra ones to make up for these!

Great question. If any leads are invalid, we’ll replace them with extra leads. This is designed to foster a long term partnership if you want to use our service. So what you’re getting is 5 great leads at a great price so that you can grow your business.

We’re digital experts. The main method we use is by ranking a website related to the service that people are searching for. We can also use other methods if required.

Every lead includes a prospect name, email, phone number (if applicable), website (if applicable) and additional notes regarding their service requests, location and a specific message they fill in.

This means you can see exactly what they want. E.g. if it’s a driving school the message will often say ‘I’m looking for 40 driving lessons to get my license” Or if it’s a waste removal lead it will say ‘looking for waste removal for my kitchen remodelling’, etc.

Prospects also fill in the location so we can really give qualified leads. E.g. ‘driving lessons in London’. It’s the same type of information they would fill in when they enquire on your own website!

You should focus on delivering your service and leave the marketing to us. You can’t do it all! Learning how to market online takes years and if you feel you should be doing that, then you should consider a career change. 🙂

This depends on your offering. Some of our customers convert at over 50%. Remember these aren’t cold leads. They are leads that have ACTIVELY sought out a service and are looking for someone to fulfill it. They are NOT cold leads. The sooner you call them the better the chance you have of closing them.

Absolutely not. We don’t charge anything other than the agreed price-per-lead.

No, not at all. You are free to cancel any time. If you cancel, we will continue to send you leads until your remaining lead credits are gone.

We do get bad leads from time to time.  Leads can be returned within 30 days of receipt by sending an email to us explaining why the lead is a bad lead. We do not offer refunds but will replace any bad leads with good leads.  Bad leads are defined as leads that have incorrect information, such as an incorrect phone number and email address or someone who fills out a form but isn’t looking for the service at all!

Here are the reasons that leads can be returned:

  • Inaccurate contact details so you can’t get hold of them.
  • Lead claims they don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • Lead is a competitor, not a potential client.

There are many reasons why a lead may not be a good lead for you, but is not necessarily a bad lead that can be returned.  

Here are a few reasons that leads cannot be returned:

  • Lead doesn’t have enough money to become your client.
  • Lead changes their mind about being interested.
  • Lead decides they want to do business with someone locally instead.
  • Lead is not responding to your phone calls or emails.
  • Lead doesn’t want to do business with your company.
  • Lead has requirements that you cannot or do not want to fulfill

We basically aren’t able to accept returns for anything that is outside of our control.  For example, if a lead is unresponsive when you email or call them, we don’t actually have control over that.  Your response rate from the leads depends on a variety of factors that include frequency of calls, frequency of emails, content of communication (bait on the hook), skill of the sales person, how much the prospect likes your offering etc…  

We know that the prospect will respond if they’re interested, because they enquired for the particular service but they may not like something that they see or hear in your first email or voicemail and won’t respond at all.  Although these situations are frustrating, things like that are not within our control.  We have some clients that are able to get 95% of all the leads on the phone, and others who don’t call as frequently and may not have as strong of a pitch who struggle to get 30% of the prospects on the phone.  Both the contact rate and the conversion rate are much more dependent on the methods being used, the contact frequency, and people contacting the leads than on the leads themselves.

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